Jai's 3rd birthday!

January 22nd 2012 meant one thing - Jai's 3rd birthday. We were away for the weekend - the boys chilling out in our hotel room...

Jai spent most of the morning switching lights on and off

Breakfast in bed - well kind of!

Rishi busy eating, Jai busy watching TV

Play time

I want to go there... later that morning we headed back to see Paresh & co

My man snoop!

3 today!

Time to blow out his candles - he was very eager to eat his cake - thanks to Paresh, Miyura, Shivani and Laxmi who made sure Jai had his cake and ate it!

Aunty Miyura helping out...


Time to get a picture with the birthday boy..

To start off with, Jai wouldn't let Laxmi go and then it was Shivani's turn!

Present time...

Another present - this time it was a car game - as you can see, they all got involved with building it - Shivani was the main engineer!

Something was very funny

Jai couldn't stop shouting and screaming that day...

By now, Snoop aka Paresh was getting into it too...

Jai harassing Shivani!

Ahhhh, great picture

Big bruv' Rishi sneaked into the picture too!

There was no stopping him - here the girls were being jumped on!

Back home after a long weekend and a quick picture before Jai's bedtime...

Jai's nursery made him a special card!


... and Jai was made player of the week in sports - well done!