Jai's 6th birthday!

Our Jai was turning 6 so the night before Sunita and Rishi put up a few decorations so when he came downstairs he'd get a nice surprise!

6 today!

Jai loves minions so we got Jai some special balloons..

Happy birthday Jai! A tired Jai came downstairs...

Time to that open that big present!


Jai and one of the minions got very close!




The birthday boy was all set for school...

Rishi with one of his special panoramic pictures...

Later that day we met up with Rumit et al to celebrate Jai's birthday  - bowling and then pizza! Cheers!

Crazy kid...

A few days later and it was time for his birthday party. Jai had a minion cake!

Rahul and Rishi came to the party as well (I think they had more fun!)

Time to get a few more pictures...

He even had minions sweets!

At 'Go kids go' Jai was off and the kids ran out and had a great time

Time to cut the cake

Time for some food...

Jai and Amir chilling out

The kids had their food, ice cream and cake

It was time to play some games!

Musical statues

Lots of fun games!

2 hours later and it was time to give out the party bags...

Back at home...look at all the lovely presents Jai had been given!

He wasted no time and quickly opened them up...

Jai enjoyed his birthday and had lots of fun with his school friends!