April to October 2014

Check out my drawing!

Spiderman had a bath

Spiky Jai

Back from an Easter egg hunt

Look at my white teeth!

Time for bowling

A star award from my teachers! Well done Jai!

Looking casual and smart at the same time!

Jai decided to let us know that it was his bedroom. Unfortunately he decided to write on the wall itself!

... and decided to mark the wall on how tall he was!

... then Rishi got in on the action as well

just like Rishi, Jai loves his cars...

School time

Bottoms up

Enjoying the sun - here at the small Leicester airport

Check out my bike!

Jai and his class performing...can you spot him?

Swimming lesson


Jai at his grandma's house - not forgetting the cat!

Play time

There's loads of places to sit....Jai decided to sit in the box!

Another accident!