January to May 2015

A few minutes before school starts so time for some reading!

Cool rocket and even cooler colouring Jai

Ahhhhhh pirate

Jai didn't look too happy here

Jai and the 3 stripes!

Rishi took this photo...

Don't ask - no idea what's going on here!

Jai loves changing into his onesie

Jai's tooth was wobbling and then it fell out!

The tooth fairy is a bit random nowadays. Jai received 2.41 for his tooth!

... meanwhile we went to visit Paresh and crew in High Wycombe... Jai playing in the garden with Laxmi (I think it's Laxmi anyway!)

Rishi took these black and white pictures of Jai - very natural indeed!

One of my favourites...

Nice rocket Jai...who made it!