November & December 2011

All set to go out

A bit of warmth during our winter and Jai was back into his shirt!

Sunita, Jai & teddy - fast asleep

McDonalds means one thing - balloons!

You talking to me? (Highcross, Leicester)


Time to chill and have some water!

Fridays means a walk to the shops and a trip to the library

Car time!

Clean my teeth time

Jai was playing one of the Santa's at his nursery Christmas play - as you can see he didn't like it one bit...

Unfortunately things didn't get any better during the play - he sat crying for most of the time...

After the show the Santa outfit came off and he started to cheer up

I knew he was ok as soon as he started to take pictures!

Jai deciding who to call....

Messing around in Rishi's bedroom...

Jai with his 'super' mum!

The 3D glasses (minus the lens) went down a treat!