Pregnancy and birth

Want to know how Sunita's 2nd pregnancy went? She was virtually fine throughout but read on to find out more... 

If you look carefully at the scan you can see the baby. This scan was taken a while ago and since then she's had the 2nd scan too - so far so good...

We've made sure that Rishi's been involved by taking him to the scans and also to the midwife appointments. Both of us have felt the baby moving and although i've felt it before, Rishi was absolutely amazed that he could feel the baby! He even says "goodnight" to his brother or sister.... wicked!

6 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

The big day finally arrives...22nd January 2009

Sunita just before theatre - she was ready to pop!

Here's our baby 20 minutes after being born...

Dr.Patel on duty!

Sunita and the baby together at last!