Name:                            Bobby Chotai

Occupation:                 Salesman

Favourite drink:           Lager + JD and Coke

Characteristics:             Most people would agree that amongst a circle of friends, there is always one who thinks they are the practical joker. Well, our man Bobby definitely thinks he' a joker. For as long as I can remember, he's played some kind of joke on everyone I know so it's only a matter of time before he gets his own treatment. The strange thing is, to be a joker, you must be able to give and take but our Bobby can only give so hold tight Mr.Bob, you're time is coming.

Aside from that, Bob is an expert of hairstyles as the pictures will soon show. He recently got fired from his job at Pepsi because his boss saw him drinking a can of Coke. Bob then spoke to the doctor who advised him to take a career change so he started work at  Leicester Tigers Rugby Club. He has now moved on again and is driving up and down the country in his new role.

If you see Bob in your mirror - keep a safe distance, he has a habit of not looking where he's going & crashing into people.

He's on the lookout for a 'nice' indian bride so if you know anyone suitable let us know and we'll fix him up. Everyone (even the girls) are really looking forward to Bob getting married as it means having a stag night and after all those years payback...