Name:                            E2 [Udaye] Rana

Occupation:                 Buying clothes, selling software in his spare time

Favourite drink:          Anything and I mean anything!

Characteristics:             E2 is the original lager drinking party animal who can party likes there's no tomorrow. He seems to have an endless size stomach when it comes to drinking and he definitely lives life to the full. Another member of the Spencefield crew, he probably spent more time out school than in it and was always checking the women at my secondary school during his spare time.

He now entertains the local community of Hitchin with his mixing skills and loves cruising around. Switching his time between the city and Hitchin, this man says he is always in demand and he loves it. Recently bought a house around the Hitchin area he knows all about location, location, location!

He loves cycling and built his own bicycle although I don't think he could ride it properly, especially down Coleman Road. 

If there was a trophy for the one who could party the longest and hardest, this man would win every time.  

E2 - Can i have a cheeseburger please?

Uncle - is that with or without cheese?

Still waiting for my promos... Nice!

Happy now? Thanks