Name:                            Hemal Morjaria

Occupation:                 Pharmaceutical consultant & Egg thrower

Favourite drink:          Jack Daniels + Coke

Characteristics:           What can I say about Hemal? Well, in my opinion, he is one of the funniest people I have ever met and hence wherever you go, you're guaranteed a laugh as long as this guy is with you. A little on the heavy side a few years ago, Hemel has now lost lots of weight and is looking real sharp - trust me. He is one of those guys who comes across as being very quiet but this is not the case as anyone who has met him will know.

Hemal is also a bit of a practical joker and several years ago decided to throw an egg into another car as we were driving along. We p****d ourselves laughing at the poor sod who had egg yolk dripping off his head. Several hours later I was chased on my way home by the same person who Hemal had egged earlier and in the end spent several hours under a car outside Nee's home. So, Hemal, cheers for that, I really enjoyed shitting myself that night.

He is now a married man, has bought a house in London and needs to act sensible  - no more lobbing eggs, dustbins etc ok? He is now officially a dad (your dad?) so congratulations mate...