Name:                          Nelesh Chudasama

Occupation:               Businessman, Washing Machine Installer

Favourite drink:        Lager, Bacardi Breezers and several bottles of JD 

World Wide Web:

Characteristics:            Well, Nee is definitely a family man and someone who you'd want to take with you during a survival course. You'd definitely want this guy on your side as he is a lethal weapon in disguise. After all, he did go to Spencefield and we all know about that place. If he wasn't rolling tyres down roads, he was causing chaos in the science blocks and as a result, spent lots of time in the headmasters office. An expert in electronics, both Nee and Dee know more about the topic than anyone else on the planet. Nee is a crucial member at any barbeque and before you've had time to open your first can of beer, the barbeque will be firing on all cylinders. He likes to drink too and can probably drink most people under the table, unless of course it's Christmas, in which case he'll be bringing up his drink on the table! (remember Spices @ Millennium?).

The first time I met Nee was back in 84/85 and my first experience was one that i'll never forget  - especially as I got chased home - cheers Nee.

Nee is in desperate need for geography lessons as once he gets on the motorway, he hasn't got a clue where he's going. Only last week, he called me up because he got lost driving from the shop to his house - Nee, sort it out!