Name:                            Rumit Kotecha

Occupation:                 Professional Skier, Property tycoon, general business man & card dealer

Favourite drink:          Jack Daniels + Coke

Characteristics:          Rumit is the powerhouse member of the crew, one slap from him and you'll know about it, one punch from him and you'll never forget it. He is the original adrenaline junkie and likes to go as fast as he can whenever he can. From past experiences (and there's been a few of them), most of our friends will agree that a ride in his car is a memorable experience. Rumit stops for nobody, in fact not even give way signs have much chance so the best thing to do is securely strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

He is the only person I know who can complete the entire M69 in about 9 minutes, whatever car he's in. Scared at that thought? Well you'd better be, because if you see this guy in your rear view mirror, you best get out his way!!

He is also the general 'I can get for you cheaper' man. Whatever you want, the chances are that he can get it cheaper than anyone else once he's made a single phone call to his network of business contacts. He is also a frequent flyer - so frequent in fact that he's on first name terms with most of the check-in staff @ Heathrow. This man knows more people than anyone i know, is known to more people than anyone i know and knows more people than anyone knows - confused? well i am so let's leave it there!