Name:                           Sandip Patel

Occupation:                Does stuff with software

Favourite drink:          Water

World Wide Web:       This one!

Characteristics:         Well, as I wrote all the other profiles,  I knew it would always be tricky writing one for myself. I could have got someone else to write it but then again there's no reason why I can't write my own - so here goes.

Right, well I think all my friends will agree that I am the one who likes to make sure that everything is done 'correctly', and safely. Ask any of my friends who has been in the car with me -  I make sure they belt up every time and slowly but surely, they're all starting to catch on.  As mentioned before, if you're in the car with Rumit then you have no choice - you have to put your belt on.

One of my characteristics is that I tend to be the one who always gets 'caught out' and if something were to happen to someone - then it would be me. Over the years I have had to put up with several things that had nothing to do with me (like the egg incident and also the problems we had inside a certain restaurant in Southall) - but enough said about that.

Well, I think writing my own profile was trickier than I thought so maybe i should get someone else to write it?