Name:                            Sharmil

Occupation:                 Magician, Call Centre Advisor, Insurance Salesman

Favourite drink           Jack Daniels + Coke

Characteristics:             I've known Sharmil since my junior school days and I wouldn't have guessed that several years later he would turn out to be the only indian magician I know. After all, i'm sure everyone willl agree, this guy can do a disappearing act like nobody else. One minute he'll be in town and the next he'll be in Bombay. You've got better chance of finding the yeti than you have of finding Sharmil. However, when you do find him, don't trust him as he's also good at lying - especially when it comes to sports and in particular swimming.

You won't want to pick a  fight with him either, especially as he's really good at head butting things, even if it's only trees. He's had more cars than Arthur Daley and he's known to pay regular visits to Calais, although i'm not sure why (honest!).

Sharmil is an expert in route navigation. One on recent trip from my house to his yard in Birmingham he decided to take a shortcut. One hour later, he was back where he started - if you need to get somewhere quick, don't travel with him - end of story.