Name:                            Shifty

Occupation:                 PO Master, BAA Security, International jetsetter etc etc

Favourite drink             Used to be Malibu but now coke?

Characteristics:            Shifty (or real name Iftikhar) is the original boy racer who has shown people how to drive properly. Whilst we were all very young we spent many late nights cruising around Leicester town and on the motorways around the UK seeing how fast we could go. Unfortunately as you all will probably know, Shifty's eye sight is a little weak as we found out one day whilst doing close to 100MPH on the M1 when Shifty announced that he didn't have his contact lenses in - cheers mate.  

One thing I will say about him is that he would always take you wherever you wanted to go regardless of time & money and would never say no if you were stuck and needed to get somewhere fast - we haven't forgotten about that mate - just wanted to say thanks for all those times!

Shifty's had his fair share of cars and the car chases we've been through would put fast & furious to shame. I think he's in the wrong job - this man can certainly drive (on the pavement mainly!) and I believe would have been great on the track.