Name:                            Chong

Occupation:                 Music Technician

Favourite drink:          Anything, including coke

Characteristics:          The one they call V.I.P. is the tallest member of the crew currently standing at 7' 3" and lets face it, you can't miss this guy. Renowned for looking vaguely like a china man, VIP has put his experience of packing walkers crisps behind him and has worked alongside various artists at Platipus Records, landed a role at Kismet Records and is currently working for Sony Music doing music stuff as you do. On weekends, Vip never used to be at home - he was living it up in Clubland but now prefers to stay @ home with the TV and a hot drink - the clubbing scene appears to have worn him out.

He's also turned into a bit of a radio star and is better known on the airwaves of Ministry Radio as 'weep' so next time you see him use this name and he'll appreciate it.  Come to think of it, VIP has quite a few names which is quite odd as his name isn't exactly hard to remember - is it Rip?

Vip (or real name Chong), was recently spotted in Chinatown and fitted in perfectly. Look out for this guy, he pretends to be indian but we all know he isn't. So there you go, the profile wasn't that bad was it? - not too bad actually, i'll have a 32 please.