Rishi's summer holidays - 2010

On a warm August day we headed to the Tropical Bird Centre which was about 20 miles away. On getting there we were greeted by this bird who started to walk towards us and repeatedly said "hello, hello". It was quite friendly but Rishi didn't want to take the risk and decided not to hold it!

The place is full of all kinds of tropical birds, some are caged whilst others just fly all over place!

On our way back we found a secluded reservoir so we chilled here for a while before heading off to Bradgate park...

As we climbed up to 'Old John', the views of the surrounding Leicestershire countryside got better and better.

He finally made it!

Time for a well earned rest.

Rishi loves going to museums - I found one that had a huge collection of cars including those from famous films - check it out!

Aston Martin - used in the James Bond film.

This Aston is the one with guns on the bonnet

... this one was used in the 'Casino Royale' film - in the scene the Aston rolls over several times!

There were lots of strange cars there.


The modern day car from Thunderbirds

Formula 1

A few of these cars travelled entire continents and some were used to drive around the world...

Only Fools & Horses

Just before we left for the day, it was time to go karting!

Rishi the racer

He beat everyone on the track and came first - well done.. (mind you, he was the only one there!)

Cars, trains, planes - you name it, Rishi loves it. This time it was trams so it was another day trip to the Crich Tramway Village...


It's quite a cool place, the buildings look the same as they did 100's of years ago - all aboard!

Heading along the track, Rishi made sure he got the best seat in the house, or Tram!

Inside the tram workshop

Inside one of the trams

This tram was taken from Leicester! You can see the direction it was heading to 'Clock Tower' whilst on the side it said 'Belgrave Road'. Imagine how many Indians squeezed into that one!

Aerial view of the Tram village

Our Rita gets everywhere!

Around the corner from the Tram village is a memorial to the war victims - you pay a small entrance fey but then get great views of the Derby Dales countryside...