Rishi's 5th Birthday

For Rishi's 5th birthday we had something special lined up - a real fire engine, a real fireman and really excited kids all made for a fantastic day for kids & adults as the pictures will show...

The clown soon got the kids into party mood - our professional video man can be seen in the background.

Party games, Rishi was one of the 1st out... Jake (centre) was the winner!


30 kids in a small room meant there was absolute chaos!!

The clown again leading the kids all over the place and to the right Spiderman was the super hero of choice for our Rishi's cake.

Sunita & Jake's mum partying hard with Priyanka to the right stepping in...

All eyes on the cake, everyone couldn't wait for a slice!

The kids loved the fire engine and in the end the fireman made 7 trips so that all kids got a ride...


Having a Scooby snack!