Rishi's 7th Birthday

For his 7th birthday, Rishi wanted a party then changed his mind and then changed his mind again. However, when he knew Sarita & Jasmin would be here, he didn't care what he did; he was just happy they were coming over! In the end it was a bowling & Pizza hut party but this year he had 2 birthday cakes so he definitely had his cake - and yes, he ate it!

First up was massi and I think she was a little nervous - she didn't have to be because she was a seasoned expert and got a really high score. Mind you, Sarita (big Sarita that is) got 3 strikes!

Chilling out with a beer...

Everyone was getting into the spirit now and even masser was going for it - massi and masser were invincible!

I don't think she liked having her photo taken!

Still didn't like her photo taken!

The kids face lit up when the chocolate cake arrived.

Getting stuck into cards & presents...

It was a big knife but Rishi was too busy looking elsewhere!