Rishi's 8th birthday

Another year and another birthday. This year Rishi didn't want a party but instead wanted to go out with some of his school friends. However, we were up late the night before his birthday so decided to wait until the big day arrived!

As soon as the date switched to 26th April 2009, Rishi started to open some of his presents. First up was the present from down under which he ripped open as quick as he could (thanks for the presents and cards...)!

It's in there somewhere...

After reading the card it was straight back to the presents!


The card from "the boyz" got puzzled looks from Rishi!

Having just seen Monster Vs Aliens at the cinema, he was pleased to receive a t shirt based on the film!

Rishi in the garden with his school gang.


At "Bumpies", the kids had a great time running around, sliding, swinging and generally letting off lots of steam!

Not wanting to miss any of the action, Sunita took Jai into the ball pit...

It was time for the party food but just before they made their way into the room, the birthday boy led the shouting, all singing procession!

Happy with his Manchester United cake, Rishi prepared to blow out the candle...

After the food the kids had a short time to play and then the party was over.

Mind you, for Rishi the party continued at home because he then started to open all the presents he got - would this party ever end?

Sunita and I bought Rishi a Wii Fit to go with the Wii he already has. He didn't waste anytime and soon got to grips with it. Even the Wii knew it was his birthday - much to Rishi's surprise....

The boy has endless energy so we rounded off the day by a trip to Knighton Park...