Rishi's 9th birthday!

Rishi's 9th birthday present was a trip to Madrid. At home on his actual birthday it was cake...and lots of it!

Give me cake

Some more please

Finished it...

Give me more!

Rishi had his best mates around for the cake cutting!

There may have been 7 candles but he was definitely 9!

Rishi blowing out the candles whilst Jai has his eyes on the cake already.

Jai reluctantly feeding his brother!

Rishi and Jai having fun outside!

Once you're out with Jai it's quite hard to get him back inside.

Give me the camera...

Sunita made that banner you know...

Birthday boy with some of his cards...

Bedtime for Jai too...and Sunita by the looks of it!

A few 'other' pictures - sitting in the assembly hall at his school waiting for his play to start...

Where's Rishi?