Rishi - January & February 2009

Rishi & Preeya relaxing....

Rishi looking after Jai here!

With the worst snowfall in 20 years, the kids (& adults!) were going to have great fun in the snow.

With more snow fall the school had no choice but to close for the day - much to the delight of the kids. Rishi and his buddies made the most of it and ventured out!

Rishi & Tobie here sliding down the hill!


These 3 were after a snowball fight and we had a good one!

Rishi's turn to pull Tobie along...

Ready, steady, go!

Things didn't always go to plan!

Time to have more fun so we dragged Tobie's sledge further up the road whilst I pulled the boys along!



Not quite sure how all 3 of them managed to get on!

After a hard day's playing, here he is playing games on the www...

... and here's one I made earlier...