Rishi - January - April 2011

Having a bit of a clear out, we came across some old VHS tapes that we didn't need anymore. Rishi, as you can see, loved it - we had tape everywhere and in the end most of it ended up on Rishi!


At Rishi's school they were discussing the world war and how the children had to leave home - here he is leaving home - well you know what I mean!

...but he came back - this time he was prepared - in the box was a Gas mask!

The crazy brothers having a quiet moment for once

... and then it all changed!

Rishi chilling - listening to MP3's on his DS...

All dressed up for Comic Relief 2011!


The mummy returned...

Boys having fun!

There's always a need for speed!

Back in the garden again

Check out Rishi's Spring 2011 school report - just look at the 'effort' - top marks in all of them - well done crazy boy!