Rishi - June & July 2011

It's getting more and more difficult to buy good old vinyl records so we've moved to digital music. Here's Rishi getting grips with our Traktor Scratch Pro music software that's connected up to the turntables.

Watch out for Rishi - a future World DJ Champion (... well we hope so anyway!)



in the mix...

It was Rishi's last few days at Launde Primary School - he had nearly finished year 5 and would be moving to a new school after the summer holidays. Rishi and the rest of the year 5 had been rehearsing their leaver's concert for several weeks - let the show begin!

Tobie "NG" letting everyone know his surname!

Part of the show was "Launde's Got Talent" (!!) - check out Ant & Dec above.

You can see the judges on the left hand side.

Can you spot Rishi? He's 4th from the left...

Singing their song "Trouble"

Mix it up!

About to sing their last song - "Bye Bye Launde"

The song sheet

The morning of his last day @ Launde!

Tobie & Rishi about to head off to school

Rishi usually cycles home but on that day we walked up to see what he'd been up to...

Check out his shirt - covered with loads of messages!

Rishi & Ishaan on their last day.

Back home we got a chance to read all the messages...


His jumper was covered too!

Rishi pointing to his year 5 teacher's signature ("Mrs. Johnston")

Rishi with his sharp looking haircut!