Rishi - March - April 2012 (& 11th birthday!)

Summer fun!

Press ups - Rishi? You kidding?

Some kind of sit up

Just look at that concentration!

Rishi loves his bike, i'm better than him at stunts though!

Some strange kind of walk, he's gone crazy

Roller blades on the grass... didn't quite work out

Chilling out at the end of a long, busy day; it's tough being a kid

Out and about in Matlock, Derbyshire

Rishi's 11th birthday - hooray! He doesn't look too happy here.

That's better...















It was early morning but he managed to eat a tiny piece of cake before heading off to school...

He didn't manage to blow them out in one go...

Back from school; Rishi was loving all the gifts he received; here chilling with his grandmas'!!! Meanwhile Jai's eyes were firmly on the cake...

With Preeya and his Foi!

Cousin Rahul

Almost bedtime, the birthday boy and Jai "happy to you.." not fighting with each other (for once...)

In his favourite seat