Rishi, Xmas 2004

A few pictures over the festive period, 2004... Thank you to all those that kindly gave presents to Rishi.

Here's Rishi outside the town hall in Leicester - this year Noddy and crew came to town!

In the pictures below, you can see him performing as an angel in the xmas play. Unlike last year he didn't cry and he had a great time singing xmas carols with all the other little children.

Getting into the festive spirit here, xmas tree and not forgetting tinsel! By xmas morning Rishi had almost 16 presents, Sunita had about 5 and I had 2.

In the shot below, you can see him with his E2 kaka opening up yet another present - as you can see from his face he loved it.

I promised Rishi I would take him on the train so we headed off for Birmingham. The first part of our journey was a walk to the bus stop where he was very excited about sitting at the top!

I'm not sure what he found so funny below but the other picture shows him standing outside the Mailbox in Birmingham.

At the bottom of Broad Street there is a huge Ferris wheel and Rishi wanted to go on there too...